Monday, September 06, 2010

Apples and Bananas!

Harmonee is EATING by MOUTH! The FIRST time since MARCH!!
NO force, NO syringes, NO gagging, NO mess! All by herself!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Miss Paige... and More Great News!

Not all news is great news. And as we all know from personal experience, or by our liver babes stories, Liver babies come with either extremely wonderful news or absolutely horrible news!
For Harmonee, her news became absolutely horrible, before becoming extremely wonderful! My biggest fear is to have Harmonee's absolutely horrible news become the reality of other liver parents. Even though, I cannot to anything about it but to be there for the parents with an understanding.

I have recently gotten to know another very amazing liver mom! Along with all of the rest of the amazing liver parents. Unfortunetly I met Amy during Harmonee's PICU stay before transplant. If that isn't bad enough, her daughter was diagnosed and in the PICU just after her Kasai when we met, scaring poor Amy to death. But today Paiges news came. There is a HEALTHY second chance liver waiting for Paige right now. Paige will soon be a healthy post transplanted pink baby! YAY!

In other news, I am a bit slow. But the story is still there. Harmonee was in the Deseret News on Sunday with a really great story! Check it out!