Friday, April 01, 2011

Latest Liver Clinic News

Unfortunetly last liver clinic wasn't exactly the best we have ever had. It was at first! We went early for ultra sounds which turned out pretty good. Meaning NO SURGERY!! For now at least. The timing has to be perfect. If they do it now they have a chance of tearing her portal vein again which could be fatal, and since her portal vein isn't that much worse then Decembers ultra sound, we still have some time. Of course, if we wait to long it could also be fatal, but it has definite warning signs such as bloated belly and enlarged spleen. In other words... 'the pre transplant look'. So that was good news. We go back this coming monday, but only so quick because of the happenings in April :). And Endocrinolgy clinic again in May.

The 'other' part of liver clinic wasn't so great as no surgery. Harmonee has some pretty bloody stools, meaning her tummy is bleeding from such a high dose of stress steroids. Funnnnn.... After a couple of days of absolutely NO sleep, the meds started to kick in and make her tummy feel better so she could sleep. Her new med schedule, 8 a.m. - Prograf, hydro and zantac, test blood sugar 10 a.m. carafate (which can NOT be given anyway closer then two hours of prograf) 4 p.m. zantac, hydro, test blood sugar 8 p.m. Prograf 12 p.m. hydro, dapsone, asprin, carafate, zantac, test blood sugar. Its not a very fun schedule, but it seems to be working with miss Harmonee.