Friday, October 08, 2010

Happy Birthday Harmonee

There were times this past year that I never thought we would make it this far! I was almost certain that Harmonee's 7 month birthday could, and would be the last one we celebrate with her in person. This past year has been one for the making. Its been crazy and hectic, chaotic, organized, messy, EMOTIONAL, eventful, scary and at times a little much to bear. In ways I am excited that we have hit the one year mark, it gives me the freedom to say "This year WILL be different." But in other ways I am sad to see this year end. It is sad to think that Harm is already 1 yr old, it seems as though I have just brought a 'new born' baby home from the hospital (for a second time). This time to stay home, and for me to actually be the mommy (not the nurses) and raise her! Brandon asked Harmonee one day while she was sitting on her rocking horse rocking as hard as she could and laughing at the feeling, "who gave you the permission to grow up?" Unfortunetly we came to the conclusion that she missed the memo while stuck in the hospital.

This year has definitly taught us some things that we would have NEVER learned without going through this ourselves. Things that I was oblivious to and selfish enough to not think about them. We are a better, stronger family because of it, and a better person in and of itself. It has been hard, but then again... it brings whole new meaning to the phrase, "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE"

OCT 8, 2009 - OCT 8, 2010
Oct 09- Harmonee was born, 7 lbs 9 oz, healthy and perfect, but full of trouble!

Nov 09- First signs of white stool and Jaundice

Dec 09- Diagnosis of BA, and first surgery "Kasai procedure"

Jan 10- Determination of failed Kasai

Feb 10- Work up for Transplant list

Mar 10- NG placement, Official placement on Liver Transplant Waiting List

Apr 10- ICU, heart, lung, kidney, and liver failure. DNR, on-off transplant list, observations from 'the giving side' of organ donation.

(Monday April 26)
(Tuesday April 27)

May 10- Liver Transplant

(May 18, after transplant)

June 10- Release from 2 month stay at PCMC, POST TRANSPLANT

July 10- Bye-bye oxygen, NJ and Daddy for training

Aug 10- Bye-bye Broviac, Hello rolling, and sitting up (ALL BY MYSELF)

Sept 10- Hello first tastes of baby food, CRAWLING, working on pulling up, early intervention, and DADDY from training

Oct 10- Hello 1 year Birthday, BACON and other meats! Standing, and preparation for walking. Bye-bye Daddy again. 


So you see... this past year has been INSANE beyond belief! This next year I hope wont have so many medical milestones!