Sunday, May 09, 2010


I half expected walking in this morning to be either the same, still climbing, or something had happened (sounds bad but when your on this roller coaster EXPECT ANYTHING). I was actually a little scared to come in an see that we were back to square one, I knew Harmonee could do it, but would the doctors be okay with her building herself up? 
Wasn't expecting that, along the nurses saying her ph balance and CO2 was picture perfect!! She was crying tears, (kinda sad, but made me happy) and wiggling and her big BLUE eyes (no yellow--today) wide open! The doctors are impressed, all of her blood labs are "picture perfect" as I keep hearing. AND she gets to eat, through her NG but still its something in her tummy for the first time in 12 days!
If I didn't think this day could get any better. Brandon called to tell me Layla is feeling a lot better and he will bring her up this week to see me, not Harm, just me, she might be a little mad about that, but I sure do miss her and can't wait to see my little girl again!

My sleepy girl
Daddy sent this to me and sis for motivation,
one big sis healthy... baby sis is next


  1. That brought tears to my eyes! Happy Mothers Day Farrah! You are a very special mommy. I hope you have a wonderful day with your baby girl. I am so glad that she keeps improving, enjoy those big blue eyes today!!

  2. Enjoy one of the BEST days ever with her! I'm sure looking into her blue eyes today make's it one special day for you. Glad she is doing well. Hopefully she gets her ne liver REAL soon. I taked to Ryan just the other day and Jax got his new liver on the 22nd of April. I guess he is doing really well...Now our Harmonee is NEXT!!! I will be waiting patiently for the NEWS that she has a NEW liver!! Luv you stay strong! Happy Mother's Day Farrah...

    Love Aunt Barbie and the LaBree crew

  3. Thats great news! What a wonderful
    mothers day gift! Your girls are so cute!
    Love, Totchona and family

  4. Way to go Harmonee. We are all praying that you stay strong until your perfect liver comes. It will be soon! Hang in there little one!

    Lots of Love,
    Jen and Jax Guffey