Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not Just ANY Baby...

Its official, Harm set the record of most blood given in pediatric transplant here at Primary Children's and our region!

Dr. Book quoted 5.19.2010 - "No other baby would have made it through this type of transplant!"

I say - "Harm isn't just any other baby! Has she not proven EVERYONE wrong yet?"


  1. Harmonee is in my thoughts and prayers and also mom,dad,grandma,grandpa,and and greatgrandmas.A precious baby.Pat Rose

  2. Lots of prayers and smiles being sent your way:) What a fighter good things do come in time and she has proven that!!!

    Cant wait to see more pics of her I bet you cant wait til she is awake and looking into your eyes, she will be saying thank you thank you mommy and daddy and everyone else for being her cheer team in this couragous fight :)

    Lots of love from Clovis ca 7th ward strangers but all of one heart!!

  3. We are so Happy for you. I know we don't know you, but we prayed and are still praying for little LULU and now we are praying for you and Baby Harmonee. Praise the Lord, She has a purpose and a plan. What amazing things Little Miss Harm must be set out to do in this life.
    Much Love

  4. I have been checking your blog daily and of course the two days I don't check it happen to be the best days of her life! I am so happy for you and this great miracle. She is a fighter and is proving it everday! She is in our thoughs and prayers!

  5. What a little miracle she is! We are so happy for you guys and can't wait to see how much so progresses daily. What a fighter, I hope that Hayden will be as strong as her. I truly think these kids are special! lol Tessa

  6. Harmonee keep fighting you, are an amazing little one, I'm so happy that you were able to get a new liver, now just keep going forward never look back.

    Geri, Genesis' Dad, your next door neighbor at the PICU