Friday, May 21, 2010


Harmonee is bringing fight to a whole new level. Now that she could easily just sit back, relax and let her liver do the work, she is still fight sedation. The nurse gave her extra through the night, but Harm was still wide awake staring at her for most of it. This morning she is batting away everyone's hands, opening her eyes, and wiggling. I have to admit it is good to see.

I came in this morning to see that she is helping the machine breath for her. The renal doctors said that they are going to pull off a little more fluid from the OR, once they have pulled off enough she will be taken off dialysis since she is making urine. Today they might check for a blood disease that is carried in my family called ITP, where the platelets are very low. We will see how everything turns out. Her new liver is doing very well, and adjusting as they had hoped. Next Thursday is they day planned to take her back to the OR and close her up.
I have been feeling a little guilty, having a blog all about Harmonee. I know I shouldn't, but I feel like I am leaving Layla out. I leave her home, for weeks at a time with out being able to see her, the main subject at home is Harm, weather she is home or not, and Layla has been very good about the whole thing. So... to satisfy my need to make things feel a little more even with the girls, I made a family blog. (click on the pic that says Harmonee's family blog)

*Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers, I hope to meet most of you at the battle of the bands benefit concert for Harm!

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