Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hour 13 of surgery. Harm has lost a lot of blood, so the doctors have called in back up. The renal doctors are now going to go into the OR and drain some fluid through dialysis and replace it with blood products. After which they will finish attaching her liver. Amy (transplant coordinator) came in and said it will probably be 4-6 more hours.

Brandon and I have been taking turns using our parent room in the PICU getting sleep. Brandon took the first 5 hours and I was able to take the last 4, now I am having a hard time staying awake. I had a dream about going to Harmonee's little donors funeral, also one about Harm and her donor switching spots and us being the ones planning the funeral, writing an obituary and starting the mourning process for our own little baby instead of waiting for surgery to end wondering who her donor might be. Either way, I am eternally grateful!


  1. I know the waiting is really hard, Farrah. Keep your faith. God is taking great care of sweet Harmonee.
    Waiting to hear the great news that she's out of surgery and doing well!

  2. I hope you can get more rest, Farrah and Brandon. It's exhilarating and exhausting once she comes out of surgery. Thank you for the update. Sending lots of love...


  3. I am praying for everyone involved. Sending good thoughts your way.

    Darla Smith
    (I am Candi & Tammi's cousin)

  4. Thanks so much for the update I have been fasting and praying this day for Harm your family and the donor family, I know the lord is watching over you "ALL" and he will guide the Dr's in sweet Harm's care.

    Lots of people here in Clovis ca 7th ward are fasting and praying for you all this day hugs and more hugs :) Cant wait for another update!!

  5. thank you all for the fasts, prayers, thoughts etc... They are all helping out so very much!