Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pulling the NJ

Last Tuesday, Harmonee did her swallow study to see if she was able to swallow with out aspirating. She passed with flying colors! Dr. Book then gave the okay to pull the NJ and replace it with an NG. Meaning; Harmonee is now allowed to eat like a normal baby girl! She took to eating with the bottle pretty fast after her NG was placed. After a few days that is all she would take and we didn't have to give her any formula through her syringe. Yesterday at liver clinic they upped her eating, and so far so good! We were also told that if her labs come back good on Monday she will go down to once a week labs and her broviac will be pulled. This is great news! This also means that tonight is her last night of IV medication for her CMV! 

The P.T comes once a week to work with Harm. She is up to about 6 months developmentally from newborn getting home. She scoots she sits she rolls, next step is standing! Of course her legs are strong enough, just need a little more balance with her tummy.

Brandon left on Wednesday. We had to explain to Layla that daddy is going to work, but wont be coming home for a little while. At first, Layla kept asking, "Daddy go to hospital too?" Brandon kept telling her no, the army was taking him for a little "vacation". After a minute of trying to process this, Layla walked to Harmonee, "Harmonee no hospital, daddy no hospital. Where are you going?" So Brandon explained as much as he could. After a little while of getting use to the idea, Layla told Brandon, "You can't go with Army." It's been hard on Layla, after just getting our family back together someone is leaving again. But this morning she told me, "I miss daddy. But daddy safe, and come home soon." 


  1. Im SOOO happy that Harmonee is doing so well!! Keep it goin girl!! :)

  2. So happy to hear Miss Harmonee is doing so good! Wow what a fabulous post! My prayers are with and your family...I know it is hard on you too with your husband gone. Hang in there and count your blessings! =) You have two beautiful blessings right there!

    Jennifer Wallace

  3. I'm so happy to read the great update on Harm, but sad to hear Brandon has left. You are an amazing woman!