Friday, August 27, 2010

Heading Home

Harmonee was able to come home today. The question still remains as to why Harm wasn't urinating. It was a quick and easy hospital stay with half as many cords as she has always had. Of course, her first IV was quickly pulled out and another one was placed just hours before leaving. But all in all it wasn't such a bad stay.

3 Months Post Transplant


  1. She looks so beautiful! Its good to see her looking so good. Here's hoping it was just a fluke thing.

  2. Oh my gosh the pics are beautiful she is a treu gift from god thoughts and prayers with you always and glad to see she is going home yah!!!! Keep fighting harn your a tough one:)

    The Max Family in Colorado

  3. these pics are so cute!! i'm sorry you had to go back, bad luck? paranoia? not sure what it is--but i have it too. loves to you all!

  4. Cutest pictures ever! I loved the Deseret News article yesterday! So inspiring.