Saturday, January 30, 2010

Harmonee had her Echogram on Wednesday to see why she had bradycardia. Fortunately the the cardiologist saw nothing wrong in any of the ultra sounds. For the procedure she had to have and IV placed because that had to sedate her. When we went back to the room where she was getting her echo done in the nurse gave her 3 medicines to help her fall asleep. Harmonee was so mad that she hadn't been able to eat for about 7 hours now refused to go to sleep at first. For about 20 minutes she was slow motion until finally she gave in and feel asleep. But before they were fully done with the procedure she started waking up hitting the doctors hand to get off of her. By the time we got her to post op she was screaming at everyone to give her some food. She's a stubborn girl!
We also had to go to liver clinic earlier in the day. They took her off a her prednisone (steroid) nystatin, and smz-tmp, but added metronidazole. At least it less then before. We start Harmonee's point system to see where she is placed on the transplant list her next clinic. We are taking her blood test, and we also get to take mine to see if we officially match. Dr. Book said we should have all of her tests done in a few weeks and by June we should have an actual 'plan of action' for her transplant. Her newest trademark is healing pretty well, but her tummy keeps swelling. Her tummy measured to be 50 cm at her visit. Hopefully it goes down, it looks so uncomfortable. She proves just how strong she is every time we go see her doctors.

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  1. Thanks for posting updates on Harmonee so that we can know how she is doing. I think you are going to find that that stubbornness that she is showing is going to be a blessing in her life. That fight that she has I'm sure comes in very handy when having to go through all of her surgeries. You all are always in our thoughts and prayers! Love you!