Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great news! Brandon (daddy) is back in the running for live donors for Harm! Technically before he wasn't 'out' of the picking. The doctor had said that his liver would probably be to big so there really wasn't a point in taking time to test him. But after having a few in detailed talks with one another we decided he might at well still ought to try. It is his daughter, and I don't think he could live with not even giving it a try. Of course if he is a match, we have to have a few more in detailed talks about income and what not since he is the only set of income coming in right now. But we'll figure something out, we always seem to do.
Dr. Book called and wanted to see Harmonee on Tuesday this week. We also have an appointment with the transplant coordinator. This means, we are officially going to start testing for live donors. I still hope that it is me. We are eating healthier and working on getting our livers healthy for our little girl. The first time we gave her her liver it didn't work out, this time, I want it to be perfect for her. Of course I am a little scared about the surgery, and I don't know how I would get along with out seeing Layla for a few months while I'm in the hospital, then not be able to do a lot of stuff with her for a few months until I got fully healed. But I am more then willing to happily give my liver to Harmonee. I am even working on getting my degree early and finishing in June instead of September. This way I'll be able to concentrate on Harm, not worrying about everything else at the same time. I just can't until this is all over and Harmonee can get on with her life... for the most part.

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