Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Its been an eventful few days. On Sunday Harmonee was able to come home from the hospital a lot sooner then we had expected. Granted from my license and degree's in nursing, I was more persuasive as to not to come home Monday (which was the plan) and turn around and come back on Tuesday. After deciding that it was safe for her to come home with me, not having a very big 'trouble' area the GI doctor decided that it was fine for her to go since I would know what she would look, or act like if she needed to return. Monday her belly started to swell again and got up to almost 56. Her scar looks like its stretching, and looks painful, but you would never guess if she was in pain from the big smiles and chuckles she gives you! Today we went to her transplant evaluation meetings to receive an estimated PELD. From the labs that she had in the hospital, her PELD was 16. In order to be at the top of the list she has to be in the 30's, which is not what is wanted. For now we are fairly low and grateful. She had her labs drawn and an EKG done. Next week she will receive a few more educational meetings with a chest x-ray, and ultrasound of her liver for the cherry on top. All in all its been an eventful week and hoping not to have one in the near future, unless for her cadaver liver.

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