Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back at PCMC updates

We are back at PCMC. We got to the ER Friday. Turns out Harmonee has c-diff, something caused by antibiotics treated with antibiotics, a diarrhea, that made Harmonee get dehydrated. Dr. Book called Friday and told us to come as soon as we could. I have never see a more crowded ER. There were kids who had been raped and kids who had been hit with a car, it made for a long wait. I started thinking about the people who had scarred those poor kids for life. Thinking of what they were doing right then, knowing they had just done what they had, could they really be proud of something like that? I couldn't imagine being the parent! I don't know what I would do if it was Layla or Hramonee. After getting some fluids in the ER we finally got Harmonee a room in the PICU. We spent most of the day here, trying to finish her fluids and get her ''well'' enough to go to the floor.
I am beginning to think Harmonee would rather spend the holidays with the nurses her at PCMC than at home, since we haven't yet been only able to celebrate Thanksgiving with her. I guess that was enough of that. Once again we are on the 3rd floor at PCMC, and it is Valentines day. Harmonee is doing good, is off all of her IV's and intensive monitoring. Her eating had dropped to about an ounce every 4 to 6 hours, and then to nothing at all. Daddy came to visit us to bring some cloths and other necessity's. Surprisingly enough, being a daddy's girl, she wouldn't eat for him either. They started her meds for her c-diff, and the nurses get to dress up in yellow suits to come into our room until the end of our stay, which will hopefully be short. The on call GI said Harmonee would be receiving her feeding tube today. We all have our fingers crossed that it wont happen, Harmonee ate a whole 6 ounces in one sitting last night and again in the morning! Doing good!
The bet is still on! What color of hair will Harmonee have? Any guesses? There is a tally bored, provided by our dear primary nurses betting her hair will be red, brown, or blonde. The eye color was also added yesterday, green like daddy or blue like mommy? Every time I think about Harmonee's hair it reminds me of getting her put into the Dears system for the army. "What color of hair does she have?" the airman asked me, "well... she doesn't have any." the airman looked at me and smiled, putting "not applicable" as the hair color. Her belly is a round 51 cm this morning and shrinking (another time to cross your fingers and pray). I think everyone was relieved last night when we got the news that her liver wasn't any sources of as to why she was not eating. Prays are certainly answered for this little girl! I have many pictures for everyone to follow, only I forgot my device to upload them onto the computer... so as for right now "pictures coming soon."

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