Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Harmonee is back home! We are all a little surprised that she came home on a holiday instead of spending the full day with the nurses down at PCMC as she has with every other Holiday. She is tucked in bed with her new pump working its wonders, doing great! Hopefully getting ready to have a FULL nights sleep since formula is being constantly ran into her little tummy. Her at home care nurse just left after giving Brandon and I the education how to work her new NG tube and pumps and everything else that she came home with from this hospital stay. Layla is staying at Grandpa Phillips house with Brandons sister who just flew in from Michigan, Harmonee is anxiously awaiting to see her tomorrow. But, as for this quick up date, I am off to bed to hopefully catch up on the lost sleep we had at the hospital. Today is a good day and we all have our fingers crossed that this day turns into a good week with maybe some good news!

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