Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Harmonee's hospital stay wont be very long, she gets to go home to her sister tomorrow! I have sadly started to love these random hospital stays for the simple reason that even though Harmonee hates her stays, she goes home feeling better then when she first was admitted. Today her little tummy was drained, and while I was finishing being tested for live donor, Harmonee was loving' life being the nurses little helper. Harmonee had a fun day and is now sleeping it off happy and comfortable!

This hospital stay has reassured me that nothing is a for sure go until Harmonee has her new liver in its place in her body and she is getting ready to be taken to the PICU. I was able to finish my 'live liver donor' testing today, and have been given the go ahead, although following has also been the agonizing delay of 'NO' and 'Maybe'. This morning I was able to start the day with a positive attitude since the first thing I was told was everything was a go and there would be no more delays. They were going to set the transplant up for May, I was even letting my excitement get the best of me by seeing wishful visions of Harmonee walking along the furniture and crawling after Layla. Unfortunately due to Harmonee losing weight and not growing, a maybe came into the equation on if she would be big enough to receive my liver. After a few hours of waiting while the doctors had meetings and calculated weight by size, they came to the conclusion that she would have to gain her another 6 pounds before my liver would acceptable. Harmonee doesn't have that long. A cadaver would become available before the live donor transplant could take place. But that was no problem, I would still be able to be her donor in the case that a cadaver does not become available before time. So to end the night we are again at the worry of waiting for 'the call', either to tell me that everything will be okay for the live donor, or the call that Harmonee has a cadaver waiting for her. At least we get to look forward to going home tomorrow and being with Layla and Daddy. Right?

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