Monday, March 01, 2010

Sitting with Daddy 1 day before getting admitted to drain my tummy.

The works...

Playing with my rattle in the hospital, passing time...

Sleeping off the anesthesia

After having my tummy drained


Before going to get my tummy drained...



My crib... Can you tell mommy has a lot of extra time on her hands???
Not that much...

My cute butterfly wand from London!

The past week has certainly been eventful. Last Monday during liver clinic Harmonee was admitted during her first appointment. Her belly was very tight, the doctors didn't have to think twice about admitting her. Monday we spent waiting in her room relaxing preparing for Tuesday morning where Harmonee was not allowed to eat any formula after 3 a.m. and no clears after 6 a.m. Her belly was scheduled to be drained at 12, noon. At 12 noon ultrasound called her nurses and told us it would be delayed a few more hours because of a stubborn case. As we tried to entertain Harmonee as to help her not to think about her tummy growling she was finally taken to ultrasound and put to sleep. After finally getting her to fall asleep, the doctor drained 500 ml from her poor tummy putting 300 ml into infection tests. Harmonee slept the rest of the night. Wednesday brought a big surprise to all of us! Harmonee was doing so much better! Her poor tummy was so much smaller, she was able to move and be comfortable and was happy to feel a little more normal! On Friday we went to Ogden Regional to have some more labs done which also came back good! Today, was another liver clinic. After a close call of almost being admitted for the 3rd week in a row, we were allowed to come home on the condition we come back next Monday to check on her little tummy and make sure the fluid hadn't built up again.
Today at liver clinic we saw another liver mom, Liz, whose daughter, London (lulu) had just received her transplant in January. It was so nice to see her and such a reassurance that this might be a long road that we are on, but there is a goal. I asked her how she did it, and I really look up to her for how much she has been through. Sometimes it feels that I don't know how much more I can see Harmonee go through but seeing Liz and London gave me hope. London gave Harmonee a little butterfly wand which we found out today is the symbol for organ donation.


  1. I am so so sorry!!! What a beautiful little princess, truly an angel from heaven, Sometimes it is so hard to understand why these things happen and this little princess and your family have to go through all this. Have faith and stay strong, and it seems that you are doing this, you will all be in my prayers.
    Julie Marshall, I saw the post from Melanie Poulsen.

  2. Thank you for visiting, and for all the many prayers for Harmonee :)

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