Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 1...

First things first, time to work out!
She was actually jumping along to the
music while I did my Pilate's yesterday!
I love this picture!

She fell asleep while playing
with sis! I think that was the plan though,
then Layla took her turn at falling asleep
on the couch.

Talking to the nurses, telling them
her days commands.

Good morning everyone!

Here we are, back at PCMC. Room 3062, for now. We are waiting to be moved to a another room where we can have our primary nurses. I'll let you know the rm #. Harmonee's bibrubin had tripled and her other counts doubled, with her kidney counts rising. They took a few blood labs last night to see if they could find anything that was wrong. As of now they have found nothing, but natural progress of her disease. Now they are testing for some sort of infection in her tummy around her liver.

She has lost a pound since Monday at liver clinic, but they are thinking that that maybe just because of how dehydrated she is. Nothing has come up to lead them to think differently yet today, and hopefully wont.

The doctor put Harmonee on a strict eating diet, she is only allowed to eat 1o cc every 3 hours or 20 cc every 6 hours. Last night was not a good night. By morning she was getting use to the new diet but until then she didn't like being limited and was fussing and screaming all night with tummy growls. I think she thought she was gradually getting starved to do another procedure. Her natural reaction now when entering the hospital is to eat as much as she can before doctors come. I don't blame her.

The doctor this morning had not a lot to say about her other then she looks better then last hospital stay, or last week. If it weren't for her labs he wouldn't even be able to tell anything was wrong with her. He was pleased with how small her tummy still is, but wasn't happy to see it had grown 4 cm since we got here last night.

Liz and her sister Julia came to see us last night. I wish I would have thought to get a few pictures. But as always it was good to talk to Liz and to meet Julia. They brought me the most addicting Great Harvest bread, with butter and honey that I have been munching on all day! Julia is letting me use her netflix account, which has already come into use! It is so good to know their story and to see their ups and downs, and now... the final product, a brand new London. I am jealous of their close relationship, it makes me wish I had a sister! I love them both already!

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  1. Wow I am sorry to hear that you are back in the hospital , but I hope that this is the visit where Harmonee gets her new liver.
    A fellow liver mom,