Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 2...

I just like her bracelet...

Today's nurses... Harmonee is
so bright it drowns
everything else out!

Mom. I am trying to sleep.
No pictures.

Harmonee has slept all day after a night full of pain and tummy growls. The doctors couldn't give her anything for pain because of her dehydration, and didn't want her to eat very much for one more night. This morning when the doctors came into see Harmonee he said that her labs hadn't changed yet but no news about going home or a new PELD score just yet.

The GI doctors volunteered Harmonee to a small class from the University, who would come to see her and learn about her disease. When they asked if they could come I was hesitant but willing as long as they were fully gowned, gloved and masked. Before telling what disease she had the doctor had the students try to diagnose her starting from the outside in. They started with her TPN, moved to her heart monitor to see her oxygen and what not. On to her NG tube, and skin color. The students of course saw the jaundiced color and commented on the greenish tint to it. I never had noticed the "greenish" tint to her before this.

They also felt her liver and since her tummy is perfect size right now it was easy to find and to feel. The doctor taught them what was which, liver or rib. Her liver is just as hard, so it is a little difficult to determine, but rubbing your finger over it, you can feel the bumps that the cirrhosis has made. Her poor liver needs to go and let a new soft pink one take its place. I am sure poor Harm thinks so too.

When she got her bath today we were hoping for some weight gain, "think big" we told her. She is back up to about 13.5 pounds! Then it was down to the test. See if it was bad of good weight. Bad weight would be her tummy growing which ment the weight was fluid in her tummy. Good weight would be her tummy shrinking losing some of the access fluid in it. They put the measuring tape around her tummy and we told her, "think small Harmonee..."! I guess this room is the good luck charm as everyone says because Harmonees tummy was down 1.5 cm from this morning! She is doing great on her part!

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