Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 3

Done getting her tummy drained

Tutu love...

Changed her PICC dressing today
too. What a day!

Just hanging out with her monkey!

Harmonee had another bad night, this time because of a fever that has come and gone for the past 24 hours. The doctors came in this morning worried about something a bacterial infection in her bile ducts, or her new bile duct. Her tummy was still small but they decided to drain some of the fluid off her tummy still in order to check for this. Usually Harm's tummy gets to 55 or more cm before they decide to do this, today her tummy is only 48.5 cm.

Again, Harmonee wasn't allowed to eat, and of course she picked up on it when she cried for a bottle and we could give her nothing. By the time they were ready to do the procedure Harmonee was pretty upset, and as always she fought the medication that would relax her. After a long struggle to get both needles in they finally did, moving on to get what ever fluid they could. Harmonee at this point was still upset, wiggling, screaming, and wanting her bananas. With all the effort to get the needle in, the doctor was only able to drain 5cc. Barely enough to test for the bacterial infection. As a reward Harmonee ate her bananas and fell asleep finally.

Last night I came home to see Layla, and to baby sit her this morning. Brandon got out of the last part of his drill and is going up tonight to be with Harmonee. She will be surprised to see him and very excited being the daddy's girl she is! All in all Harmonee is still stable, and pushing up to get her transplant!

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