Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 4

Still hooked up to all of the machines, but the doctors said they have had a few positive changes. She is now off of her blood pressure medicine, and it is staying stable!

 Her ventilator (machine breathing for her) has been taken down a notch so she isn't breathing as fast, but still dependent on it. They took a chest x-ray of her lungs which showed a little distress, this they think is being caused by her tummy which has gone up from 56 to a 57 over night. A tummy ultrasound showed that there is still not a lot of fluid gathering, making it still good and bad. Not enough fluid to drain and relieve her, but this means NO infections in her GI!

She has stopped bleeding out of her rectum, so they think the rectal meds have started to work and they are treating one infection. She is no longer bleeding out of her nose only a drop or so every once in a while, and still only stomach acid coming from her "tummy suction" tube.

The dialysis is still going to help her kidneys along, hopefully preventing them from getting to the point where she will have to have a new one.

Yesterday they tried to put a femeral PICC line in (one going in at her hip up to her heart). With the right hip being a failed attempt they tried the other hip, another failed attempt. Then they tried putting one down through her neck... failed attempt. They are going to try to put another PICC in her other arm in order to be able to take out her old PICC because they think that it may be the cause of the infections.

Tonight they are going to re-start her TPN. With the extra nutrition and energy her body may be able to fight the infections easier. Once they have the old PICC gone, and the TPN started her body will be able to fight the infections faster.

Harmonee is still happy and stubborn, even through all of this. She is fighting as hard as she can, it is slow progress, she IS positively progressing! Molly (her Doc, Dr. Books partner) said she is very encouraged at the progress she has made, it has ruled out some of the infections they were scared she had.

PELD score: 1B
Pics coming as soon as I get my hook ups. No worries.

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