Friday, April 30, 2010

Emergency Surgery

Harmonee just had an emergency surgery to drain her tummy. Within a half hour of telling me what needed to happen and getting my signature for consent they were wheeling the stuff into Harmonee's room to begin the surgery.

The surgery was to drain the stomach fluid and hopefully stop the infection. They would open up her Kasai scare to put a big black sponge into her tummy to keep it drained. The doctor said that if a complication came during surgery and she passed, he would still think it was the right thing to do. If the surgery did not take place... she would pass away no question.

As me Liz Lulu and my bishop waited for Brandon and his mom to show up the tension built. We talked about the possible out come that she would not make it. Harmonee would want to be a donor. So that would be the best gift, and to give back to all of those like her. We thought about the possible organs she could donate. Though it would not be many, but lives would still be saved and it Harmonee's spirit would live on watching over her little transplanties.

Dr Scaife came in. Mine, Brandons, Liz's, Bishops, and his moms hearts dropped to our stomachs as he walked up nonchalantly. "She's fine." I gripped Brandon's and Liz's hands as a huge sigh of relief came over us all! She still has fight in her! Our hope is for them not to close her up... but to close her after a liver has her name on it!

Love you my dear precious babe, I can't wait to hold you, see you smile, watch you play, run, walk, and be HEALTHY! Love, Mommy!


  1. Harmonee and your whole family are in my prayers.

  2. I'm so glad that she has some good doctors (and nurses) taking care of her! We are praying constantly for her. We can't wait until she gets her new liver! Thanks for updating your blog so that we can know what is going on! *Hugs!*

  3. Hramonee i am thinking about you! hope you guys are ok. I am not working at pcmc anymore. Ferrah email me when things calm down. i have been thinking about you guys!