Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 6...

Today has been another "keep nothing down" day. But still better then yesterday. The doctors still did not have anything to say about her other then to watch her for a few more days. They did not to her ultra sound today to check for anything in her tummy, so I am think that may be a good thing. They also started her continuous feeds again through her NG. Which is also good because Liz and London gave her a lot of bags for her feeds a few days before they took her off. Now every hour she get 7 cc of formula, to hopefully get her out of the rut of fluctuating weight, and even it out to just gaining.

The nurses brought in a really big toy for Harmonee to see and play with. It stands taller then me, with a projector on the top that makes designs on the ceilings, with lights, strings, balls, bubbles and everything a baby at Harmonee's age could ever dream about! (I forgot my hook up for my phone at home again, so pictures coming soon, again). We made a trip out side today as well. Harmonee fell asleep in the breeze, after a lot of play looking out at salt lake and at the yellow flowers that are coming up in the patches of garden.

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