Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week 1... GOING HOME

Bye! Bye! Alicia and Kat! See you soon!! 
Maybe Next week, but hopefully not until the week after!

Me and my new PT. This was pretty fun getting out and played with on a mat... 
Moving in ways I didn't know my body could? Thats another story...
Finally asleep after playing with my toy awesome toy all day! But... 
maybe I will wake up in a little while to watch it some more. 
Don't want to miss a minute of this thing!
THIS is the awesome new toy I was telling you about in the past few posts.
I got to go outside and look at Salt Lake and feel the breeze. 
But the mom made me wear this silly duck mask.

Daddy, Mommy, and sis came to see me on Sunday! Sis got up and helped my nurse do my vitals. COOL!

The doctors came in this morning to look at Harm. No intention of letting her go home, but to really just let another resident doctor meet her who would be on the rest of the day and night. With out expecting the outcome that I got, I asked if Harm could just go home for the weekend, since I would be leaving Thursday for a friends funeral, Layla's birthday Friday, and birthday party Saturday. The doctors looked at each other for a minute asking, "is there anything we need her here for?", after all the doctors shook their heads he asked the nurses, "do you need her here for anything?". The nurses, shocked at the question shook their heads. The GI doctor thought for a minute, and said, "I don't no why we are keeping her here then." This was rather entertaining, shocking, and exciting. Harm gets to be at sis's birthday. Even though she will probably we readmitted on Monday. Some times I feel like Harm is the one in the Army. She gets to go home on leave, then has to be back on a certain day. Hmmm...

Her PT came in today to help get her sitting up and rolling around like other kids her age. She had her roll this way and that, then sit up and lay down, twist and turn, stretch and fold, stand and bounce. By the time they were done Harm was so exhausted her PT laid her down just in time for her to fall fast asleep. After being so use to laying in a hospital bed, this was a MAJOR work out.

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