Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Day 12...

The doctors didn't say much about Harmonee or when she might be able to go home. The main point of the conversation was how big her tummy had grown over night. Before they tapped her tummy yesterday her it was at 54.5 cm. After 49 cm. Now, not even a day later her tummy is back to 54.5 cm. The doctors are debating on letting us go home ("in a few days") and coming back once a week or more to tap her tummy. This would be better then saying at the hospital with sis at home missing her little 'Marnee' and mommy. Not to mention us missing her and daddy.

The doctors are debating on putting Harm's NG (feeding) tube back in. She hasn't been able to keep her meds down and her formula is coming back threw projectile vomit! Hitting everything that is in its path, floor, bed, nurses, and of course down the front of her clothes. I have to admit it is entertaining to see four nurses helping to clean up a little five month old yellow baby girl. Of
course Harmonee is spoiled here by the nurses! Cute blankets and comments. She has won the hearts of all that have taken care of her.
(I'll put pictures of her and her nurses up soon!)

She has continued to gain though! Which is good for miss Harm. we are at 6.325 kg, or 13.5 lbs. The doctors are happy with her and her growth and happy to say that she has no illnesses, finally, just a low potassium rate which is easily fixed.

I met new liver parents today who have been staying across the hall from us. Following Liz's (liver mom) example I asked their nurse to introduce me to them. Their little baby boy was going in for his Kasai today to fix his biliary atresia. I remember when I was waiting for Harmonee to have her Kasai, more then I should, along with who the nurses where, what both me and my husband were wearing, times, the night before, the PICU and when we finally got to the floor. I hope their sons Kasai works so they don't end up where Harmonee is now, though she has definitely kept her spirits up and has kept going pretty well! Today Harmonee is stable, we have made it through another week of waiting. Soon though! The doctors are starting her request for higher points today! Cross your fingers!

**PELD SCORE: 24**

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