Monday, April 05, 2010

Day 11...

Today we got the news that Harmonee's kidneys are starting to fail. The doctors are going to try to reverse this by lowering her does of diuretics, then gradually raising her dose again to keep her acidies low. Her tummy has gotten more fluid in the last couple of days, so today the doctors are going to drain her tummy. This is hopefully going to help her start breathing better.

The doctors are also going to put in a request to get Harmonee's PELD score higher then it is. They seem confident that were she is she will get a liver, but not confident enough to leave it at that with how fast her body is starting to shut down. Dr. Book said it would be better to do her transplant in a few months so that she has time to get a little bigger making the transplant easier and less risky.

Harmonee's nights are bad, filled with vomiting, and little comfort. Her days are better, some more then most, filled with smiles and giggles, and the joys of a 5 month old baby. The hope of going home sooner then later and being with sis and daddy is still there and cross your fingers it will be this week or first of next...

**PELD SCORE: 24** - down 2 points

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