Tuesday, April 27, 2010

End of day reflections...

There is nothing like friends to keep you going at a time like this. Dani came up and sat with me watching Harmonee, thinking of questions my brain wasn't fast enough to ask, having a laugh and just knowing that people care. Nikole, has been sending gifts (good thoughts) from Hawaii, and the girls from Brigham have all pulled together to let me know just how much they care. They are all great aunties. Days like today really make me thankful for such best friends/sisters, liver moms who have turned to family, and nurses who are like 2nd Mommy's to Harm. Is there any way I can ever express how truly thankful I am to each of them??

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  1. I am thinking about you guys EVERY minute of EVERY DAY! I sure hope she gets better soon. I am sooooo THANKFUL I was able to make the trip out there. I am very greatful for the memories/pictures I have of her. Stay strong and know we are thinking about you guys. Luv you guys! Give her a hung and a kiss from Auntie!!