Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A trip to the ICU

I was looking forward to telling you that we were able to stay home one more week from PCMC that Harmonee was great and that's all their was to it. My thinking started to change last night when she started to sound congested. I tried unplugging her nose... it didn't help, just started to bleed. So I left well enough alone and let her fall asleep. At 2:30 I was woke up to coughing and gagging. I stared at the first sight of bloody vomit.

This wasn't that big of a surprise since, she does this quite often. So once again, I left well enough alone and let her fall asleep. Layla had woken up early to go take a sneak peak at baby sis, making sure she was still home I guess. This time... I woke up to murderous screams. I jumped up and ran to the girls room!

Harmonee was covered in blood, head to toe! It was oozing out her nose, the corner of her mouth and up and out of her diaper! I went to change her to see what was going on. Nothing was left clean of her diaper. There was blood stained on her skin, down her leg and puddled in the diaper! Of course... first reaction... DR BOOK!!!

Little did I know at the same time I called to get ahold of who ever I could, they were actually calling me to tell me they had admitted her because of low sodium. I went on to tell them her bloody story. We got here to our first room, the nurses immeadiatly put her on oxygen. Triscia walked into the room, first things first, down to the PICU we went.

16 doctors and nurses piled in her room, set her up to things to breath for her, to suck her tummy, and IV on each foot, extra had and even in her wrist under her PICC line.

Her belly is at 55 cm, but not of fluid, of air. Her heart was strained due to low blood flow, and her kidneys labs have yet again doubled. The tube in her tummy has pulled about 4 ounces of blood out since we got to ICU. She is starting dialisis tonight for her kidneys, and the cardiologists are watching her heart as careful as possible hoping that the lack of blood flow didn't do permanent damage.

On the upside... her PELD score went up to 38!! But once we got to the ICU she went to 1B on the list which helped her bypass a few other on the list that now, she is qualified at "more sick" then they are. Her spot at 1B is to be tested again next Tuesday. If she is taken off she will go back to a PELD of 38.

Since I had absolutely no time to eat with all of the news, Liz, my life saver came to visit me with donuts, sandwich, string cheese, a drink and chips... ect! I was calm. Not crying... anymore... until I heard Liz singing "every little thing.... is going to be alright... every little thing... is going to be alright" to Harmonee. Which took me a second to catch myself from crying even more. Chelsea has been keeping tabs on me all day, caring, worrying and everything else. Liver moms know just how each other feels. Its a strange bond that will never be broken!

P.S... pics coming soon :)

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  1. Oh my how scary. I am praying that Harmonee is feeling better and her perfect liver gift comes soon.
    Hugs and Prayers from a fellow liver mom,