Thursday, April 08, 2010

Week 2...

Today was not the best of all days. Harmonee, being the kind of girl she is, stayed up all night watching TV.Though she didn't whine (unless the TV was turned off) and was happily content all night she didn't have the best of all days. On top of being so tired that she couldn't sleep, her gums have swelled getting her ready to start teething. You can imagine how our day went with that.

Along with tired teething she still hasn't been able to keep anything down. Her day was also spent throwing up formula, meds, and stomach acid. The normal for her. Only this time it brought a fever along for the long ride.

After a long debate before coming into Harmonee's room weather or not for her to go home, Dr. Book wanting to give Harmonee a few more tune ups before going home, and the resident arguing "she can't live here". They finally came to the agreement that maybe they should let Harmonee go home for a few days, and they meant a few days. The plan as of now (no promises or expectations) go home tomorrow, then come back on Monday to liver clinic at 9:20 a.m. Dr. Book reminding me to bring an over night bag. Of course there was a twist. How could there not be. She has to have gained weight and no fever. This might jinx us. I have to admit, at least they did give me a 'few' days.

Right now Harmonee is asleep finally. I guess she didn't feel like staying up and watching TV all night again. I guess that is what I get for letting the girls listen to lullaby's when they are drifting to sleep. Now they can't sleep with out noise.

Harmonee and I got blessed tonight. Our newest liver mom lent us her daddy and brother to give them to us. They were so touching, and such a reassurance that how ever Harmonee's fairy tale (if you can call it that) ends, it will be a happy ending and our family can make it through it. It is sad and odd to think that if Harmonee had gone home just one day sooner, or their little Jordan would have gotten diagnosed later or sooner, that we would not have met. Things work in amazing ways.

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