Friday, April 09, 2010

Day 15... Going home?

Good Morning!!
So... I decided this bow reminds me of something
off of Horton Hears a Who.

"Mom, what are we waiting for?
Its time to go home!"

Saying bye-bye to the nurses!

Giving loves!

Sis helped me bounce....

Tired now... to much bouncing

And I am good!

15 days, a new PICC, a new NG, a few different meds, few infections later, and some more tune ups and... We are home!... until Monday? No. Until when? Until now. Shouldn't this be a record? 8 hours after being discharged from the hospital and we are on our way back? Yeah, I say this is a record... if not just for Harmonee but for a lot of people. I about died when I found out that we had to be back at PCMC tonight, already!

We are hoping this is just an over night stay. Tonight when the at home care nurse came to teach us how to do her TPN and lipids, Harmonee's PICC broke.

Just our luck. I know. If it wasn't enough that I forgot the meds at the hospital today in all of the excitement to leave that we had to go back tomorrow anyway, and back Monday. But its okay, if it keeps Harmonee out of more harms way, so be it, we'll make a few back to the hospital.

Today has been a good day other then her PICC breaking and forgetting the meds. She has only thrown up once and has kept everything else down pretty well. Sis and daddy were happy to see Harmonee and have her home.

Harmonee said bye-bye to all of the nurses and to her liver friends, grabbed her moose and headed for the door. After being home about 5 minutes she was already reaquainted with her bouncer, play mat, and swing. She had to dodge sis's sticky hands a few time from grabbing at her NG and PICC line. After a while Layla realized she shouldn't be playing with these things and made sure to be careful around her after that. But getting antsy again she pulled the NG and PICC out of her new "Harmonee baby" that the hospital gave her so she wouldn't mess with the real Harmonee baby's. But like always Layla couldn't stay away from her new and improved (for the time being) little sis.

Harmonee has slept a lot too. The comforts of her own home has really affected her and made her one happy little girl! Of course, like any little girl, Harmonee would fall asleep for the minute and then be wide awake making sure she didn't miss anything. And she didn't. At dinner she made the rounds from daddy to mommy, making sure to sit on our laps, making silly faces, laughing and smiling with sis. It was a great family reunion. Tomorrow sis will come to the hospital while they replace her PICC, and play in the "forever young play zone" and maybe depending on the events of tomorrow, me and Brandon will take her to see the baby animals at the Heritage Park for a little R & R time.

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