Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Going to Surgery Early

 Not sure why she kept itching her ear, but it was her obsession all day!

Harm's fevers were due to infected tummy fluid, and a yeast infection. The doctors decided to take her into surgery today instead of Thursday. They are going to wash out her tummy to get rid of the infection, and try closing the muscle and skin. 

Harmonee has been watching T.V all morning, her gaze fixed to it until a green scrubbed surgeon comes to see her. Surgeons have been in and out all morning, Harmonee seems to know who they are very well by now. When one of the surgeons walks into the room, Harm's blood pressure raises and she cries her silent tears!

Last night was a long sleepless night. I thought a lot about when Harmonee was diagnosed. I realized that exactly 5 months from Dec. 18, Harm got her transplant. It seems like a lot longer then 5 months. So much has happened, we have learned, became stronger people and as a family, Harm was given another chance to live, life was given another meaning, and when I thought things would NEVER end, it ended. But the beginning of another story has begun for her, and our family. The beginning of more updates to her blog, updates of recovery, and striving to keep this new liver, and this new Harmonee what they were meant to be.


  1. Still praying every day for you all. Hope surgery helps things clear up.