Monday, May 24, 2010

...Makein' some Lemonade

I came in this morning excited to see an awake, alert, and ready to play Harmonee, only to find nurses around her bed. Instead of the usual duck suit, it was purple gloves and blue gowns, taking samples from every where on her body that would give them fluid. Her nurse for the day explained Harm had woken up with a temp of 38.3 c. (100.9ish). I am quickly learning this is very bad news for a transplantee/prograf user. [[Prograf - immunosuppressive drug]] On the upper hand, they are weening Harm off the ventilator. Her kidneys are also supporting her fluid well enough that dialysis was dropped! One machine down... one to go!

This weekend when I was home, I showed Layla pictures of Harm smiling. Layla stared at the pictures having us go back and forth and stopping on a little video I took of Harmonee looking around and staring at everything with big eyes! Layla pointed at the camera and asked, "that is Marnee?" I told her it was, Harmonee had just gotten her new liver and the tubes were helping her feel better. Layla thought about this and said, "Marnee still sick," leaned forward, gave the camera a kiss and went to cry on daddy's shoulder.


  1. Hang in there! Fevers are scary... always (unfortunately). Mackenzie had fevers (upwards of 40.4) for nearly 3 weeks post transplant. Our center called in every peds department possible to determine the cause. They never did and then one day they just went away. We are praying for your family and Harmonee and sending lots of liver love!

  2. Oh sweet Layla. Praying that Harmonee's fever subsides and she continues on her road to recovery. I hope Liz told you about our picnic this Saturday.

  3. The same happened with my son, the fever went away a few days later. I never knew what was the cause, but it was nothing serious.

    Sometimes fever is our body healing (hepatologist´s words).

    Layla will have a brand new Marnee to play, full of energy, recovering all the past time! And what a pleasure it will be for you to see your babies playing around having fun! It worth every minute...

    With love,

    Alice (Martim´s mum)