Friday, May 14, 2010

No Change

The doctors have started to "ween" her of her ventilator. They said that kids with big tummy's like Harmonees breath faster then normal, because of this she gets tired faster and needs to work her lungs into having no support. I am still a little nervous about her going off of it.

Harm's sun tan is coming back, and she looks the best she has since we got admitted. She has completely turned around from the day that we signed the DNR The PICU team has saved her more then once this hospital stay, and has gotten her back to where we could discontinue it! 

I over heard Dr. B talking to the surgical team about a potential donor for Harmonee today. But that was the last I heard about it. Just now one of her assistance brought operation papers to put in her chart. Lets hope this is the weekend! 

Harmonee got a good scrub today. It was a better sponge bath then we have been able to give her since she was off dialysis for a while so they could clean the machine. She actually smells like a baby! All clean and ready for surgery!


  1. Farrah,
    This is wonderful news that they are weening the ventilator. I hope it goes well. What a fighter she is. Hang in there sweet Harmonee!
    Love ya,

  2. I can't get over how much Harmonee has gone through and she just keeps plugging along! Good for you, sweet Harmonee. How are you holding up, Miss Farrah? I hope to see a post about transplant super soon! Love to you all.


  3. Praying hard for Miss Harmonee and your family! She is such a fighter! Hoping you get the call soon!

    Jennifer Wallace

  4. Praying hard for little Miss Harmonee.
    Much Love

  5. Be strong little fighter, I am holding my breath! You are such a little toughie, just keep it up!!

  6. Farrah, so happy for you guys keep us posted on the newest news. We love you anad know that this is the answer that we have all been praying for. This is the reason this little girl is so strong.
    The thompsons