Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still waiting...

Our sweet nurse Heather made 
this little head band for Harmonee!

Harmonee is doing great. Not a lot of change with anything. The doctors are still debating on weather or not take her breathing tube out or to just leave it in. They are a little afraid that if they take it out that she will stop breathing, go back to the oscillator, and be overlooked for transplant. With Harmonee's luck, they would get her all unhooked, a liver would come in and she would have to hook back  up.

The nurses didn't know what they were getting into with an awake Harmonee, even though some of the ICU nurses said that Dr. B, and some Infant Unit nurses have told them she is a little feisty. My sassy little baby was taken off sedation last night for a couple of hours. They call it a holiday here. During her holiday, she kicked out the IV in her foot, tugged at the breathing tube (in her mouth down her throat), NG tube (the one that sucks her tummy) and her NJ (feeding tube). She also somehow moved her wrist that she was able to get her art line lose... lets just say BLOOD EVERYWHERE!! Today the doctors have her sedated. Harm is a little mad she can't open her eyes more then 30 seconds with out falling back to sleep or kick and squirm like she was. Instead she wiggles her hips and twists her shoulders, this change has made her cry crocodile tears all day.

This weeks has gone by slow. Only Wednesday, and I have thought it was Friday. I wish there was somehow we could get a remote, fast forward time to the day of transplant, and push PLAY!

Maybe a liver tonight?


  1. Tonight would be a great night for a healthy new liver!

  2. No change is good! Lizzie and I need to make it up there soon for a visit. We miss you! Sending lots of xoxoxo's your way...


  3. Praying the perfect liver will come at the perfect time for Miss Harmonee! She is such a fighter and a beautiful little Angel all compacted in one precious little body! Praying hard for your family! Hang in will happen soon!

    Jennifer Wallace(LF)

  4. God Bless You Harmonee. I am praying so hard for you that a liver comes for you tonight. I have a feeling! Hope your Mommy is hanging in there, I know the waiting is so hard. Miracles do happen.
    xo-Jen and Jax

  5. Praying her gift of life will come soon. What a spirited little girl you have! Keep fighting, Harmonee!!

  6. We are working hard for you Harmonee!! We wish you and your family the best
    -your PICU team