Thursday, May 27, 2010

Out with the Old...

In with the New...
In the past month, Harmonee has sent on her old liver, and replaced it with a NEW PINK liver. Thrown out her yellowish eyes for WHITE clear eyes, and the dullish tint to dark BLUE eyes. Traded in her gummy smile for a BABY TOOTHED smile. Cast out her malnourished body for healthy baby chunks (supper cute) and her orange colored skin for an ivory colored skin. Left the IMSU (sadly), to join the team at ICS. Her diuretics for an immunosuppressor, and her BA for... well she just got rid of that.

It has also been one month since she arrived in the PICU, with multiple organ failure, and unknown infections. One month since she has been on and off... on and off... the DNR, and transplant list. One month since she has had a bath or made a noise, or been awake for that matter. One month since she has had breathing tubes, and catheters. One month since I have held my baby!

Today... I was able to hold my baby!!! The breathing tube was taken out and Harmonee has a new little baby tooth to show for it! Sadly... we were also given more news today, more then just her breathing tube and catheter being taken out. Harmonee's liver biopsy came back to show acute rejection. The doctors said that they have caught it soon enough to up her prograf and start antibiotics that will hopefully reverse the rejection! I am beginning to think that the joke about Harmonee making sure these doctors know their stuff... is actually what she is doing!  

 Pulling out the breathing tube....

Getting her to breath...

 They checked her out....

 Deep breaths...

The deed is DONE!!

And... I FINALLY got to hold my baby!!


  1. What a great moment thanks for sharing. We will keep praying for you all.

  2. Oh Farrah she looks so Good! I am so happy that you got to hold your sweet babe! I can't imagine how excited Harmonee was to finally be in your arms. I am so happy that she is doing so well, but I hope the doctors can keep close tabs on her liver and keep things from going the other direction.

  3. She looks great! SHe looks like a new and improved Harmonee. You can defiently tell you are HAPPY to be holding her! That's an AWESOME picture. Love you guys...Keep fighting Harmonee you are going to be chasing Layla in no time....Hugs & Kisses Aunt Barb

  4. Yay! That first hold is the very best! I hope that you can keep holding her for a long long time!

  5. Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!! So happy to read this post.

  6. Oh my goodness she looks SO AMAZING!!!!!! I am so happy for you. Hopefully not much longer until ICS then HOME!!! I am so glad that you got to hold your sweet baby! I just LOVE Harm!

  7. She is beautiful Farrah, especially with her beautiful mom holding her!! I love to read your updates. What a little fighter you have!! God Bless <3 Melanie

  8. So happy to see these pictures of Harmonee! And that you got to hold her! A month of not holding your baby is pure torture. I know rejection is common especially in the first 6 months so hang in there. It's usually easily treatable.

    Sending prayers!

  9. look at her rosie cheeks and her blue eyes !! so glad to see her color is back ! its just so amazing ! primary is doing an amazing job ! way to go .

  10. love the picture of the two of you. remembering that feeling myself, it's amazing. better than holding her the first time right after birth--like it means so much more now. love you, miss you. sorry haven't been around as much as i'd like. lots going on here. note to harm: jokes over, quit scaring us. just get better and stay better.

    aunty lizzie