Saturday, May 29, 2010

Battle of the Bands Benefit!

Harmonee's benefit dinner turned out pretty well! Big crowds at the first and end and brought in a lot of very helpful money!! Looks like Harmonee's ICU stay wont be as stressed for money as I though! Major relief! Thank you everyone who was able to make it! It was great seeing you all and finding out how many people Harmonee has touched! Thank you all again!

Harmonee is doing good today! The doctors are still hoping not to put her breathing tube back in. If she can hold off until Tuesday, she will have a better chance at weening off of it after surgery. Her blood pressure is still a little high, so the doctors have given her medicine to bring it down, reversing the affects of the meds that are making it high. 

Blood tests are taken every day to measure her blood gases (how well she is breathing and carrying oxygen ((ph levels)) and to measure her liver labs (sees how well her liver is working, if its rejecting or taking, needs med changes etc...etc..) and labs for her vitamins, proteins (checks vitamin levels, sodium, potassium, etc...etc...) along with the normal complete blood count (CBC - which determines weather she needs blood, platelets, has enough white blood cells, or has to many white blood cells which could mean infection). Today blood counts are good, but the doctors are watching her to see if she needs more blood, which will help her breath easier. Her liver labs have been going up and down this past week, meaning rejection. Today, the doctors said that her liver labs have continued to stabilize and become normal, which mean rejection has been reversed! All in all, we are just waiting for her liver to heal. On Tuesday she goes in to close her muscles, the doctors said this will help things to get better, much faster then she has been!


  1. Spoken like a true Liver Mum! It's amazing how much you learn in a very short time when your little one is fighting for her life. So glad to keep seeing positive updates for you guys. Love you!

  2. We are glad to hear Harmonee is doing well. The other families at the picnic told us about her transplant. We look forward to meeting you too!
    Kate, Paul & Kai