Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two Weeks

Fighting the drowsy, as always!
Crossed legs trademarks 

Two weeks. That is it! Seems like days since Harm has been in the ICU. But then looking back, I lose the last week and everything seems mushed into one. Now the days seem to never end when I know that her liver can come at any minute, and Dr. B and Dr. Scaife will walk in and start getting her prepped to go to transplant. 

Harmonee is still doing FABULOUS! The talk about taking her breathing tube out is still in working progress. Then they will let her eat by mouth. I got to scrub her down 3 times yesterday. She is back to her normal super heated body, with no fever, and has been sweating a ton laying on her back. The nurse she has had for the past few days has been really good at switching her sides, and letting Harm cross her legs and feet as long as she doesn't kick at her IV. Everyone who knows Harmonee, knows she is MUCH MORE comfortable with them crossed.

Harmonee is still on dialysis, but her renal doctor thinks that after the transplant it wont be much of a problem and they will be able to take her off of it soon after.

 Its been a LONG two weeks....


  1. I love her crossed legs and perfectly painted piggies:) She is a beautiful little girl, still praying everyday for her!

  2. it seemes like its been 2 long months. she is a fighter. so are you, you never gave up on her. knew she'd comeback around time and time again. love you all!

  3. You don't know me, I am just a follower, and one who is praying for your daughter. I just noticed on the picture for your post on Thurs. May 6 that in the back ground is a blurry hand reaching from behind the curtain. Just a visual of what is actually going on as those angels reach beyond the veil to give help, peace, and comfort to Harmonee and your family. KEEP SMILING :)