Thursday, May 06, 2010

Verdict is in...

ALL thumbs up! Harmonee is officially waiting on a liver! In the mean time, they will continue to help her get stronger (which there still are/has been many improvements today)! As of now, a perfect sized liver is needed at ANY TIME!

PRAY she does not crash again!
Thank you for all of you many prayers!
They are certainly being answered!


  1. Tears there are no words to speak right now I wil pray and I know the lord will continue to bless you all in this journey and give you comfort, Please keep us posted

    Kelly From Clovis Ca

  2. Im so relieved!! Come on Harmonee, get nice and strong!!

  3. I'm so happy! We'll keep praying. Sweet Harmonee keep it up!
    Love, Totchona and family

  4. Constant Prayers for baby Harmonee from Gilbert, AZ! We are praying that her little body will stay strong and that Mommy and Daddy will have comfort and peace.
    Sending much LOVE...

  5. AMEN...i will pray pray pray!!! Please keep the good news coming~

  6. SO happy...she's a miracle. as i said, 3rd times a charm harm. never seen a bigger fighter.