Thursday, May 06, 2010

Deadline Set... Transplant Pending

Harmonee has days to a week to get a perfect sized liver. She has taken a few more baby steps in the right direction, with the nurses backing off on as much support her lungs are getting from the oscillator. Since the doctors don't know if these baby steps will get her to the point that they want her to before transplant, they said they are going to start making arrangements now with the whole team instead of waiting until Monday to reevaluate her. Dr. Book has high hopes that she could make it through a perfect sized liver transplant, but nothing bigger. Today the surgeons are going to meet and discuss if she should even be a candidate for a transplant. I hope if Dr. B thinks she is... then the other surgeons will too. 
Today I talked with Dr. Book. She asked me if I want to continue trying everything I can, meaning--go ahead with the transplants knowing the risks of her passing. We both agreed to try the transplant since she thinks if it is a perfect sized liver that it would work, bring her lungs, kidneys and heart "back to life" with it, rather then "pulling the plug" and letting Harmonee go home to pass away, when she may have lived by trying the transplant. Now we are waiting for surgeons approval. As soon as I get word of a YES or a NO I will let everyone know, (mainly cause if its a 'yes' which the transplant team thinks it will be, I will be to excited to not blog)


  1. I hope, I hope, I hope! Harmonee's coloring looks great in these photos. Love you, Farrah!

  2. Praying hard for a YES!!!

    Jennifer & Brooke Wallace

  3. I am praying for a yes. She deserves every chance possible. She is a true fighter.

  4. I pray those surgeons say YES! This sweet baby girl deserves a chance at it. I am praying for you.


  5. I am all the way from Portugal, prayinhg hard for Harmonee´s recovery. She will be well before you know. Fight Harmonee you can do it.

  6. what a beautiful little girl you have, I hope they say yes and allow a transplant- I have just recently started following your blog and am so touched by your sweet little girl. lots of prayers....

  7. Praying for a YES! Harmonee deserves that chance, she walked all this dificult and painful road, she deserves a perfect new liver, a new life start.

    You can do this Harmonee.Fight!

    With love,

    Alice (Martim´s mum)

  8. I am glad for the better news. You will all be in my thoughts

    Miss ya