Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2 months at PCMC

Two months, septic shock, unknown infections, liver failure, lung failure, kidney failure, heart failure, uncontrollable internal bleeding, antibiotics, breathing tubes, pneumonia, no chance of living, and a liver transplant later... HARMONEE IS GOING HOME! Of course she is leaving with the works, oxygen, iv meds for her CMV, and continuous feeds with an NJ, I am still more then happy she has gotten to this point!

I am a little scared though. I am actually willing to give Harm a permanent room here at PC. I am a little scared I will wake up one morning, Harm in another pool of blood and starting all over from two months ago. But I am thinking that is just because I still feel like I have been asleep the past two months and dreamed it all!

I will continue to update Harmonee's progress for all of those who have called me asking if this was it, if this was the end of Harmonee's story and blog. It is only the begining of her story! There is many more updates to come. 


  1. Congratulations! You have come a long way. We spent two months in a hospital with Mackenzie pre and post transplant. I was an emotional mess when we were finally discharged and scared of losing the safety net the nurses and staff provided. You guys will do great! Enjoy being at home with Harmonee and lavish in all the wonderful moments you are about to embark on! Lots of Liver Love!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on coming home! What a HUGE milestone! You will do great and life will settle down and get better! I wish you all the very best on this post transplant journey! Please keep posting with pictures...your little angel is precious!

    All the very best!

  3. Congratulations for going HOME!

    I also was really scared (I´m still! I would love to have Martim´s hepatologist living in the same bilding we live...).

    But being home is really good for you and your family. And you can do it for sure!

    With love,

    Alice (Martim´s mum)

  4. Miss Harmonee,
    We have said many, many prayers for you and it makes us all so happy to hear you get to go home. You are one tough cookie! Keep up the fight.
    I know the feeling of being 'asleep' for 2 months. It takes awhile to adjust that things are okay. It's almost like PTSD.

    So happy for you all!
    Ryan, Jen, Gwyn and Jax