Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Record Making

Harmonee has been out of the hosptial one week today! Yesterday was her first liver clinic post transplant and EVERYTHING checked out great. Dr. Book seemed pleased with her. This was a record for Harmonee however. This was her FIRST time Dr. Book let her go home from clinic instead of up to the floor, AND the LONGEST she has been out of the hospital between visits since January. We also got to meet Kai's sweet mom. Thoug we didn't get to talk very long with the liver clinic madness, it was still nice to meet her. I was sad to report that Harmonee has yet to start eating. Once we got home and I got miss Harm in bed, she started fussing, and sucking on her binkie more then she has in a while. After a minute I thought that maybe I should try a bottle, just to see what happens, even though all of my other attempts had been sad misses. She chugged two ounces of elecare! I was surprised and excited! She was holding her bottle and just looking like she was in heaven. I snapped a picture and sent it to Brandon instantly! A minute later I got a call from a very excited daddy. Which also gave me the chance to tell him that I was able to start weening her oxygen and she was down to 3/4 of a liter and still stating at 100 and 99.
After nap time I decided to give Harmonee a bit of time on her scarred up tummy. Harmonee was kicking her feet, so Layla had the idea of holding them down for her. Layla started shouting, "Go Marnee go!" as she pushed herself with Layla's help. They both giggled and loved their new little game. After helping Harm across the room, Layla decided to show her how to "army crawl" by demonstrating all across the room. Harmonee tried and tried, and finally, when Layla was about to hold her feet again, Harmonee did her very first army crawl! Layla starting jumping up and down clapping for her sis yelling "Yay you did it Marnee! You did it."

I love having two kids now, and Harmonee is definitely making strides to becoming a normal 9 month old, with some help from a great big sis.


  1. Oh that is so exciting to hear! Keep up the good work Harm! Love ya guys!

  2. What a beautiful post! So happy for you guys! Cherish each milestone you celebrate with Harmonee...because to us liver mom's every moment is a milestone in our book!

    Keeping your family in my prayers!
    Jennifer Wallace

  3. Such a helpful big sister! I am so happy things are going so great for your little family!

  4. So happy to read this post! Harmonee is simply amazing. I can't believe how healthy and alert she looks. I got so used to seeing her sedated and hooked up to a million machines! Her mommy and daddy are amazing people. It's a rough road you have gone down, but your girls are sure lucky to have you guys! xoxoxo