Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day! 
To all the fathers that would do anything for their Families!

 Harmonee was more then happy to see her daddy today! And he was more then happy to see her! They had a fun day together. I sat back and let them have a little... "daddy-daughter-play-date". They were having so much fun I didn't want to interrupt anyway. Brandon went through each of her bows trying them on her and telling her how pretty she looked!
I think this is Brandon's most favorite bow on her. It's Harmonee's too. She has always been more impressed with purple!
  But blue looks good on you to Harm!
 She had so much fun with her daddy! He wore her out pretty fast though, so she laid down, and they continued their little date.
 Brandon got some really great smiles out of her today!
He was even beaming at the fact that he thinks he can see dimples in this picture and the starting of GREEN eyes! "Just like your daddy!" He would tell her, then all day he marveled in the fact that Harm is his little twin!
And the pictures continued as he kept bragging that she looked like him! Until he started to feel a little bummed that once upon a time Layla looked like him, and now looks like mom! Unfortunately that got him a little more sad as he realized once again he was going to miss the rest of her first year and her whole second year. He says when he gets home, Harm will look like me and he won't have a little twin anymore. He breaks my heart.
You can be twins for now though!
The goal was to be going home tomorrow. The attending physician told us today she doesn't think she will be going home since her prograf level is far from steady. Friday her level was 16, Saturday, 8, and today it was a perfect 10 (where is should stay). 
Her feeds are being upped 6 cc a day. Once she gets to 45 cc they will stop TPN! Making it MUCH easier for us at home! Now just to get her eating by herself and off the NJ feeds. Of course, she will have to be able to eat before this happens. So far they haven't let me feed her, until her breathing is a steady 40 or under (which it hasn't been). Its a little frustrating waiting for her breathing to even out when there has been no change. I feel like a month ago when we were waiting for her to get out of the PICU feeling like it would NEVER come. I know it will, I just don't want to wait anymore. I want to take my baby home, and feed her! At least she is happy though. We get to play most of the day and she can sit up by herself for a few seconds before loosing her balance and falling over! She is getting so animated! She is turning into my "normal" 8 and a half month old baby!


  1. WOW! Harm looks amazing. She looks like she's filling out, her coloring looks great, and look at her hair filling in! So glad to see things are still moving in the right direction. It's exciting to hear talk of her going home! It's all a miracle!

  2. Harmonee has some awesome eyebrows! lol. That kid is never going to need eyebrow maintenance when she gets older.. lol!!