Saturday, June 19, 2010

Harmonee's Gone Public

About a week ago another liver mom (Liz) told one of the journalists about Harmonee. She has come and met Harm and so has a photographer, she is doing a story on organ donation and Harmonee is part of it! Since then a cousin told Ch. 13 news about her, therefore, Ch. 13 has been following Harm the past few days and will follow her a little ways before airing her story. Along with Ch. 4, 2, and 5. I hope that Harm's story affects everyone in the same way it has affected out family. Before all of this the thought of organ donation had occurred to us, but hadn't really stuck. Now.. Organ donation is all we can think about when "Life and Death" come up.

Harm is one month post transplant! Can you believe it! I can't. It still seem surreal like a dream I am waiting to wake up from, and to go about my "normal-for-the-past-six-months" routine or waking up, laying in bed letting it all soak in. Maybe cry a little bit. Call Brandon for a pep talk, take a shower to remind my self of reality and to brave myself up for the day or BA. Now reality is so much sweeter then it has been in the past almost 9 months of Harmonee's life. 

We are also at our time to send Harm's guardian angels parents their letter of gratitude. We are still smoothing the rough edges trying to decide if what we have said has expressed enough thankfulness. Of course the obvious answer is no. But for a letter, I hope it explains as much as it can. Another day, week, month, and soon to be years with Harm, for the loss of their beautiful child... I am eternally grateful, and in their debt.

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  1. yay! i am so glad. another op to promote organ donation, very exciting!! please let everyone know when the story will air/run. been gone all week, am recovering from our race. will call you soon. xoxo