Sunday, June 06, 2010

Journey to Recovery!

Harmonee is still being a little stink with her monitors. Bless the nurses hearts, they happily play along. After working on her IV for hours, biting, scratching, drolling, sucking, pulling, etc. etc. the nurse gave up trying to keep it in and pulled it out putting Harmonee to rest. She is still suspicious of who ever dares to walk into her room. Harm stares you down for a few minutes, not even blinking, before welcoming you with smiles, playing and giggling with you then giving a little wimper when someone leaves the room. She is as welcoming as they come. I guess she figures if your not going to be mean to her then she wont be mean either.

The plan is to go to a high flow oxygen canula tomorrow, if she can do this, Harmonee will be up to ICS by Wednesday-ish (cross your fingers) this week at least, and home sometime next week.

**Sorry no pictures. Brandon got out of drill a little late today and I wouldn't hear of him driving an hour half asleep, no matter how bad I want to see him. I love him a little to much to let him take chances of a wreck. I guess Harm and I will have to wait til tomorrow to see one of our loves.

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  1. Harmonee's is an miracle. She is a beautiful baby.

    Dr Book is amazing. She too was my doctor when I was little and I had a liver transplant. (in 1996). I could have not had a better team watching out for me and my family.

    I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.