Saturday, June 05, 2010

Let the mischeif begin...

Harmonee is more then ready to go home, and determined to make it happen anyway she possibly can! She has been pulling off all of her leads (heart monitor stickers). She is a little stink about it. Harmonee acts as if she is happy and friendly with the nurse, once she comes up to the bed to play with Harm or pamper her, she tugs off her leads and hands it to the nurse with a happy smile, while tugging off the next two graciously handing them off. The nurse will put the leads back on, laugh and go about her work. When the nurse turns her back Harmonee pulls off all of her leads and begins working on her last IV in her hand. She picks at the tape, bites at it, scratches it, moans and groans, and when the nurse hears the beeping of the monitors, she turns to Harm paying close enough attention to see what the little stink is doing, then Harmonee inicently folds her hands across her tummy and smiles.

Harmonee is quite the scratchy voiced chatter box too. Her new words are "Dada" with the occasional "Mama". The nurses and all of the PICU staff have all commented on watching her play and to see her smile. You can definitly tell she is feeling better then she ever has! At first I think my assumption was correct of her thinking something was finally wrong with her since she had never felt good before and this was a whole new world for her. Now she is ready to take their liver for a test drive to see what she could possibly do feeling good. Anything is possible love, you have proved this time and time again in the past month. If anyone ever needs a reality check of this... feel free to step inside the PICU here at PCMC. I am sure if you haven't been here you will be VERY SURPRISED!!

**I have been at home the past week with out internet. Some have asked if I will keep updating. Now that I am back at the hospital I will start posting most every day again. I have A LOT of pictures to post as well... the difference in her is incredible! I will post them tomorrow when Brandon brings me my lap top. Thank you everyone for you love and support and many prayers! We appreciate it and hold you close in our hearts!


  1. We made a pledge today for the telethon. A Panda should be on its way to Harmonee. Our prayers continue to be with you.

  2. Thank you! I will be sure to make a note in her scrap book who it came from!