Friday, June 11, 2010

A Picture Update

Lots and Lots of amazingly cute picture updates!!

Last Day in the PICU 

Mommy and I are the same color! This is new and I think it looks better on me then that orange greenish color. I think everyone else agrees with me.

The nurses have been putting powdery stuff under my chin...I have a neck under there somewhere! See it? I promise its there... somewhere...

No more playing with my neck, I'm out of here! If I could just get these cords off of me...

There we go...

 And this glove...

Almost got it... Just a little more

Got it! Now, lets get out of here before they come back!
Mommy - Not yet Harm, tomorrow...

The nurses left some things in there... not sure what they are for or what I am suppose to do with them...

And they kind of bother me, but they wont take them out.


Sister came to visit!! I haven't been this HAPPY
in a very long time!

Neither has sis... can you tell?

Just hanging out, mom snapping some pics,
nothing new here.

 Then sister had a big idea of wanting to hold me... mommy said yes...

I was super happy! Layla... she thought I was
to heavy to hold on her lap.

 I was a little sad that mommy took me from sis. Layla said "Marnee, heavy!" Mommy told her, "she is getting chunky huh Lay." I'm not sure what I think about everyone calling me chuncky... Its the steroids! I'm telling you!

So Layla told me stories instead

Then my physical therapist came in to 
work with me...

While I exercised Layla played with my arm restraints

I pushed my self up to a standing position with my therapists help!

While Layla started to get annoyed of the restraints

After I was really tired, and ready to take a nap
So mommy took Layla home so I could rest and Layla could take a nap as well


Layla came and visited again today!

 So did Daddy!!

And Mommy, she stayed with me tonight too!!

I was happy to see them!!

And...Layla was happy to hear I am going home Tuesday!!


  1. this is all such good news, i'm so glad she's doing well and that her big sister got to go visit her. you have such darling girls. what a cute little family you are! let me know if you need anything!

  2. THATS GREAT NEWS!!!!! We're so happy!!!!
    Keep us updated Love Totchona

  3. She looks sooooo good. Love those cheeks. I am glad to hear you will all be home together soon.

  4. What a gorgeous baby... so happy for you guys!

  5. Yay!!! Finally home is in sight.......Glad she's doing so well....Love the new pics..Continue to update as much as you can..We miss and live all of you!!Hugs


  6. O my gosh! she is looking so great! she is so big:) i miss you guys!

  7. Im so Happy Farrah!! Your family will be whole and together again at home real soon!! Harmonee looks so good!! Your girls are a dorable:) Melanie