Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Todays the Day...

Welcome to ICS
Not quite. But I guess we will get use to these...new nurses. It wont be to long until we are home so I guess I can deal with it until then. The mean authoritative "my way or the highway" mommy coming out in me just in time. 

Harmonee is doing great, still has a little goo in her throat but not as much as even yesterday. Her wiggles are getting worse and her voice is getting deeper. Both GREAT things! I love hearing her voice again. Of course, the PICU nurses fell for Harmonee, so her last day in her room, each nurse took a turn holding her and saying good-bye. After 45 days... this was A LOT of nurses. But only one nurse was lucky enough to feel Harmonee's warmth as she peed a great spot all over the front of her scrubs! Poor nurse. She had to fill out paper work, change scrubs, so on and so forth, since prograf is now considered a hazardous drug.

Sorry, still no pictures. By the time I got my computer yesterday and half of the pictures downloaded to the computer, my camera died taking all the unsaved pictures with it. Soon though.


  1. Yeah! I'm so excited for you guys! Congrats Harmonee! ICS is great, from what I've heard! I've floated there once! Love ya guys!

  2. Way to go, Harmonee! We will miss your cute face in the PICU. Hang in there...ICS is a wonderful place with great nurses, it is just very different from the PICU. I work in both places so maybe I will see you up there!

  3. We are so happy for all of you! Especially Harmonee! So good to hear that she is talking and moving. Just wait a few more weeks! It's like nothing you've ever seen! Can't wait to see pictures!!

    Jen and Jax

  4. How exciting to see all of the positive updates! I'm so proud of Harmonee. She has come such a long way!!! I'm sorry to hear Daddy is being deployed, after all.