Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spit of Steal

Learned how to give baby kisses today!

Harmonee goal of being home today has come and gone, and a few days were added to her stay. After being on an oscillator Harmonee's lungs are having a little struggle right now staying clear. The mucus that had been stuck in her lungs is finally making it appearance, (this being because the ocillator pushes the mucus to the sides of the lung because it breaths so fast it doesn't exactly clear them) the mucus being so thick they can't really get a lot from sucking her out with long tubes that go down the throat or nose. This being the case Harmonee has to cough most of it up on her own. Respiratory Therapist come in twice a day to pound on her chest and back with a rubber hammer like thing. Not to worry, Harm thinks this is pretty humorous and gets a kick out of it every time, it also puts her to sleep pretty fast!

Today was one of the better days though, Harmonee is catching on to stuff fairly quickly. The PT came into play with her on a mat, she showed her how to turn a key and push a few buttons. Harm's favorite was the key she kept turning it and things would pop up. She also sat up in a PT chair for about 2 hours before getting exhausted and falling asleep. Some of the nurses from the PICU have come up to see how well she is doing, one of them commented that "she used all of her 9 cat lives" and is on a spare. This I found quite funny and very appropriate for Harm.
Mommy and Me
 Mommy and her kisses...

Respiratory Therapy
I never knew a good beating was so much fun... or helpful
 Physical Therapy
I'm Always so proud of myself after!
The Aftermath
Nice DEEP sleep

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