Wednesday, June 16, 2010


 Day of Diagnosis
(again don't mind the date, this camera didn't work AT ALL, the dates wouldn't stick before the actual camera quit!!)

After days of high heart rates, vomiting, high blood pressure, rashes, high breathing frequency, far from amazing O2 stats, and many many labs later... The doctors finally figured out what is going on with miss Harm. Harmonee's labs came back CMV positive.CMV or Cytomegalovirus, infects most people sometime in their life. Most people it causes cold like symptoms, and nothing ever really comes from it. In a compromised person it causes flu like symptoms, it could cause infections in the eyes and make it easier for organ rejection. Fortunately, Dr. B being the dedicated liver genius she is thought of the possibility of her contracting CMV as soon as Harm's donor liver came back positive for CMV, and Harm was not, antibiotics were started immediately after transplant to prevent CMV doing more damage then the slight cold symptoms of a normal person. Because Dr. B took these precautions Harm's liver labs are still normal "picture perfect" as they say, and Harmonee is getting better already after being put on the actual antibiotic used to fight CMV.

Since the doctors found out the cause of the problems, Harm's feedings are being turned up twice a day again, and the doctors are still shooting for the end of the week to first of next week. TPN will be off soon after and soon she will be able to eat by mouth instead of by NJ.

I climbed in with Harm today while she was taking a nap, so I could get some extra cuddles in before going home. It has been a while since I have slept in a crib, since I was a baby, obviously. I am a little jealous, her crib is a lot more comfortable then the cot. I am half tempted to climb in and sleep with her at nights instead of on the pull out chair we hospital parents call a bed for so long!

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