Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Week 2

Harmonee went to liver clinic today where everything passed off good! Except for her prograf level. Doctor Book is trying to figure out why her level is so unsteady with so many dose changes. On Sunday, a home care nurse spent the day at our house. She took labs in the morning and labs at night. Each one hour before an hour after and and then two hours after her prograf was given. The prograf level an hour before was far to low, at 2.2. Needing to be around 10. The prograf level an hour after was 8 and the one 2 hours after was 5. The doctors are now trying to discover why her body isn't absorbing her prograf. So we will just stay quarentine, which is okay with us.

We went to the emergency room twice last week for Harm pulling out her NJ tube. Such a nosence going into put a tube back in, but a day at PCMC is much more welcome then an hospital stay ever will be. Harmonee is doing great, almost sitting up by herself and loving being a "normal" little girl!


  1. Im so happy she is doing so great!! She is such a little cutie!!