Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Liver Clinics Milestone!

I thought I would NEVER see the day that Harmonee's NG tube would be taken out. It seemed most unlikely since she had yet to start eating. Gagging if anything even brazed her lips. Oddly enough, we gave her bacon... Whala! Harmonee is eating anything and everything that can fit in her mouth that is edible! Bacon and chicken, soup and salad, bread and cookies. You name it. But still no bottle. Until one day... being the the overly excited mom I am, filled her to full of real food until she got sick over tubing her formula. This made her exceptionally thirsty. Who knew that just making her a little more thirsty would actually make her drink her bottle! Since then... its been quick progress to saying "see you later NG."

Excited I went to show doctor B at liver clinic that my baby was actually a tubeless baby. She chugged her bottle right in the middle of everyone. Not until after she made a mess of things first though. (see pictures). Doctor book was impressed and headed out to make arrangements so that Harmonee wouldn't have to ever put that NG tube in again.

Therefore, we came home from the hosptial with a glucometer since her blood sugar isn't staying up very well, and a scoop of cornstarch in her formula to add more sugar to her blood.

Here we are. Harmonee is tubeless, and straight on her way to walking! Early intervention is even planning Harmonee's graduation party since she is progressing so quickly on her own with having no Speach therapy, PT or OT since July.

Reading Dr. Suess in liver clinic!
I don't abuse her! I swear it! Its just a VERY large dose of apsrin and a baby who is learning to walk I promise.

Some how she got wrapped up in the paper, she drooled so much it tore right off while she was rolling around.

Birthday Picture


  1. Yay for no more NG tube!!!!! Eden was also covered in bruises for quite a while until we lowered her steroids and aspirin. Those two meds and active kids just don't make a good combo. ;)

  2. She looks so amazing!! I am so happy to see how far she has come! We learned right from the start of all this that Harmonee was no "normal" BA kid. She does things all on her own, so starting to eat with bacon instead of a bottle first just follows the same determination to do it her way :) Love you Harm!